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Native Drums

We tackle issues.

Let us help.

We support your academic career from start to finish... and beyond.

At AIRO, our approach to helping you succeed in your education revolves around mentorship, guidance, networking, and advocacy - at no cost.

We know how important it is for you to receive a higher education to advance your career. Let us help by providing the resources we have and offering them to you.

We start by letting you know the available resources we have at AIRO and meet the needs you request. Whether that's finding a mentor in the field you're going into - guidance on a career path - filling out scholarship applications - and much more.


Imagine this

You are a student looking to go into finance for a career post high school graduation. You want to find a college that offers this degree in North Dakota. You may also want to join a nonprofit organization such as NAFOA (Native American Finance Officers Association) to build a larger network. You might also be curious if there are scholarships or mentors available.

That's where we come in. 

We help you navigate the best possible route for attaining your future goals by building your academic profile from our resources and networks we currently have.

Our support network offers key connections throughout various colleges, universities, programs, and more.


Becoming an AIRO mentor grants you quick access to a network system that can help you shape the career you want.

Being able to connect with leaders and peers in your field helps you gain key advice from many who have went the path successfully.




We act as an advocate and stand up for, speak for, and work to enhance Indigenous student lives.


We help those who are not able or not yet able, to speak for themselves. 

Native American students need and deserve Native mentors and models, but higher educational institutions in America fail miserably at providing them.


At AIRO, we provide mentors that are there to help guide and mentor you on your path to success.

We understand the importance of supporting one another and becoming stronger together.

Our Mentors serve as a thought partner and empower you in any step of your academic journey.


Let's Get Started

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