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About Us

All Indigenous Recruiting Organization (AIRO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to Increasing Indigenous Student Success.


Our mission is to empower Native American students by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to access and take advantage of the resources, services, and funding opportunities available to them.


Through our educational programs and services, we aim to support Native American students in achieving their academic and professional goals and becoming successful, engaged members of their communities. By working with community partners and leveraging the collective power of our network, we strive to create a brighter future for Native American students and their communities.

Who can be an AIRO member?

We serve U.S. Native American individuals looking to go into higher education systems such as colleges, universities, trade schools, programs, similar nonprofits, and more.

We serve high school students, traditional college students (18-24) and non-traditional students (25 and up) trying to reach higher educational systems.

We serve tribal enrolled members or direct descendants of a federally recognized tribe. 


You may appeal your eligibility to our organization if you do not fall under the criteria shown above. Appeals will be presented and decided by the Board of Directors of AIRO.



Our mission is to empower Native American students to pursue higher education by providing them with knowledge of the resources, funding opportunities, and services available to them.

Our vision is for all Native American students to have equal access to higher education and the opportunities it provides, enabling them to achieve their full potential and contribute to their communities.

Our Core Values

AIRO's core values are forged by our commitment to the highest ethical standards and drive our priorities, commitments and organizational decisions. Our reputation is the ultimate asset, and these core values guide our behaviors, judgments and how we accomplish our mission.


We willingly take responsibility for actions and outcomes in delivering on our commitments and results. 


We partner with the community, higher education systems, and other nonprofits to further our mission.


We applaud proactive behavior, acting in advance of a future situation, rather than reacting.


Stewardship refers to all of our decision-making: how we choose to use our time, our talents, and our energies.


We believe that leadership and values are inseparable - we follow our core values on a consistent basis.

We Need Your Support

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