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UJ Alumni & Friends Magazine Story on AIRO's Founder & Executive Director

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Every Summer and Winter, the University of Jamestown publishes and issues an Alumni and Friends magazine that showcases student success, special events, and latest updates. The latest magazine for the 2022 Summer includes a recent graduate from UJ, which so happens to be AIRO's Founder and Executive Director, Kyler McGillis.

Throughout the article, Kyler tells his story of how he laid down the foundation for All Indigenous Recruiting Organization, along with explaining the importance and need for something such as this. To add onto that, he also describes the vision and next steps for AIRO.

The author of this story, Michael Savaloja - takes a meaningful step further by providing key professionals that understand the problem happening for Native American students. As you read, you will notice the support that Kyler received during his time at the University of Jamestown.

To read the article, please click and/or download the article.

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