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United Tribes Technical College



AIRO and United Tribes Technical College are partnering to ensure the route from high school to college is the best one possible for our members. It is important for us to create partnerships such as this to learn and establish best practice measures for your career. 

Our partnership with UTTC allows us to deliver solutions that bridge the gap for Native American students and higher education. Establishing these partnerships allow us to maximize our capabilities and resources to benefit AIRO's members. We strive to generate ideas, plans, and solutions to deliver successful results leading into successful careers.

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United Tribes Technical College provides quality post-secondary education and trainin gto enhance knowledge, diversity, and leadership for all Indigenous nations. They strive to build cultural, educated, and healthy leaders who empower their communities.

UTTC has served over 10,000 American Indian students from more than 75 federally recognized Indian Tribes across the nation.

United Tribes includes an affordable cost, small class size, and great experience for any Indigenous student wanting to enhance their career to the next level.

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