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Advocacy for you.

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We advocate for your success through athletics.

At AIRO, our approach to advocating is representing your love for the sport you play.

We know how important it is to showcase you and help you understand the negotiating process when attending collegiate sports.

We start by letting you know the resources available, along with discussing the process of playing sports at the next level.


As an advocate, we help represent you to the program you would like to attend.

Our support network offers key connections throughout various colleges, universities, programs, and more.


Becoming an AIRO mentor grants you quick access to a network system that can help you shape the athletic career you want.

Being able to connect with leaders and athletes in your sport helps you gain key advice from many who have been successful.




We act as an advocate agent representing you to athletic programs and coaches.


Advocacy is necessary in the recruitment process to get you the exposure that is required for the next steps.

We empower Native American athletes by acting on behalf of the athletes' rights and responsible practices.


At AIRO, we provide mentors that are there to support you through the process of recruitment.

We understand how complicated the recruiting process can be for anyone - we have mentors that are willing to help.

Mentorship is the guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person in a particular department.



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